MUSE Masks

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Hosted by Nik Honeysett, former chair of the Media and Technology Network, representatives of the Future Energy Chicago team spent an evening of irreverence and celebration at the 25th Annual MUSE awards at this year’s AAM.  Shari Berman of EVD shared the event and the MUSE Gold Award with our partner in all things daring and bold, Kurt Haunfelner, Vice President of Exhibits and Collections at MSI Chicago, along with Abbey Palmer of Potion Design. (You may not have recognized us in our disguises.)

We’d like to give a shout out to Mike and Doug of Awkward Family Photos. Highlights from their hugely popular website warmed up the crowd. We are now enlightened and will visit often.

Gold MUSE Award for Future Energy Chicago


Congratulations to the Museum of Science and Industry Chicago!!! Last night at the American Alliance of Museum’s annual conference, Future Energy Chicago won a Gold MUSE award, which recognizes an institution that uses Media and Technology to enhance an experience and engage an audience. “[T]he Muse awards celebrate scholarship, community, innovation, creativity, education and inclusiveness.”

We are proud to have been a part of Future Energy Chicago from the beginning, collaborating the MSI team, media partners Potion Design and Donna Lawrence Productions, as well as multiple specialty consultants, to create this unique exhibit experience that uses media, interactive technology and collaborative gaming to imagine our energy future. Bravo everyone!

InPark Magazine Profiles Future Energy


Check out the nice article in InPark Magazine on Future Energy Chicago at the Museum of Science and Industry Chicago.

Inside Endeavour


This week our friends at the California Science Center opened up Endeavour, climbing through the hatch to reconfigure some payload bay items and repopulate the middeck with lockers seats, cargo bags, and the escape pole. Now to fill that payload bay…


Nerd Alert!


BuzzFeed named Science Storms at the Museum of Science and Industry Chicago a must-see for science geeks! We’re proud to be associated with all these impressive nerds.